How Has YouTube transformed Criticism as a Form of Academic Discourse?

Criticism is often associated with siloed sections of academia. Yet with the advent of YouTubers such as MatPat, Rap Critic, Nostalgia Critic, and Todd in the Shadows, criticism has become more accessible to mass audiences. In choosing YouTube as a primary vehicle of disseminating their criticism, what changes do critics like these bring about to the genre of criticism itself? Is this a form of entertainment? If so, how does this entertainment value alter how this criticism functions? Has this shift made criticism more accessible? This topic seeks to investigate questions such as these to pinpoint the effects YouTube has had on criticism as a form of academic discourse.

  • This is a really interesting, and quite relevant topic for today day and age. I feel as though social media, especially youtube, has a large impact on relaying info back to a audience, and can be quite influential to the people viewing. – jaimen 7 years ago
  • I feel like the likes of Errant Signal and MrBTongue represent the next step in what the Channel Awesome generation of critics started. Chez Lindsay's evolution from The Nostalgia Chick to her current format puts it in even clearer contrast. – John Wells 7 years ago

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