How important is accuracy?

When it comes to things like superheroes like Superman, the Hulk, Iron Man, or Batman, everyone has an idea of their origin stories. But as the superhero movie franchise only continues to barrel forward, how important is it for writers to include an accurate recount of the superhero origins for new viewers? Or does it matter at all?

  • It matters to an extent. The idea of an adaptation is to provide a new interpretation to something pre-existing. You don't want the filmmakers to exactly follow the comics or else it would be boring. It has to be suitable so it can be translated to screen for a general film audience – cbo1094 6 years ago
  • I think to a certain degree people stop caring about the origin story since for some heroes its such commonly treaded ground that its basically mud the next time a reboot rolls around. Spiderman Homecoming skipped it completely keeping the movie fresh and exciting. Of course as an introduction for new viewers it might leave them in the dark, but if you value yourself as a writer you should be able to help ease new viewers in with slight exposition rather than pulling a BVS and shoving it in in the first 2 minutes as a dream sequence. – AMedina 6 years ago

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