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    Fatal flaws of the Superhero films

    Superhero movies are some of the most popular movies coming out today. After so many being released at this point, and two major comic book film universes, some people are getting "superhero fatigue". What that means is that people are starting to get tired of these movies, and are accused of being all the same. What are some patterns and flaws that are commonly seen in superhero movies?

    • I'd say removing the part about superhero fatigue from this topic would make it sound a bit better. It really has nothing to do with exploring the patterns and flaws of the recent superhero films that have come out. I'd say box office records and an influx of social media superhero presence would make the "some" people who are tired of the movies irrelevant. – Steven Gonzales 1 year ago
    • A fatal flaw that should also be examined is their balance between trying to make differences with the superhero to draw in fans, but risk alienating fans of the actual comic. This attempt to balance between the two has been one of the defining factors for superhero movies. – shugo828 1 year ago
    • To me it is the reliance on CGI at the expense of story. There come a point when I get bored watching computer generated bots fighting each other; it has to have meaning from a character/plot perspective for me to feel satisfied leaving the theatre. – Jeff MacLeod 4 months ago

    Is Intelligent Sci-Fi Making a Comeback?

    Well done Sci-Fi films like Gravity, Interstellar, The Martian, Prometheus, Arrival, have all been successful with critics and audiences, and the upcoming Passengers, Valerian, Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner 2, Life, and Alien: Covenant all seem to suggest that quality science fiction films are making a comeback. Is there a reason for this, and do you think this is going to be the next popular genre in movies.

    • This is an important topic for a number of reasons. Most important of all, however, is that hard sci-fi's recent increase in out-put needs to be discussed in a meaningful fashion.That also said, what about Children of Men? A little older, sure, but important. On that note, what separates "intelligent" sci-fi from "unintelligent" sci-fi? X-Men Days of Future Past is undeniably sci-fi, and also quite intelligent. Would that count? What about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? Is that any less intelligent than Prometheus? Isn't it even more intelligent? – agramugl 11 months ago
    • Love the idea. I agree with ProtoCanon's comment that it would be good to define 'intelligent sci-fi', or just change the term to something different. Providing a history of the sci-fi genre to establish how these recent movies have captured the essence of the classics, and what happened in between, would be a good start. – Daonso 10 months ago

    What's The Next Big Fictional World To Come To Life?

    With so many fictional worlds in movies right now like Star Wars, Wizarding World, Middle Earth, the MCU, the DCEU, etc., what should be the next big fictional world from a book to come to life? Talk about some book series that a rich history and world that deserve to have the same treatments as a Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter, where the worlds come to life on screen.

    • I might also analyze what makes a 'film world' successful, then using these conditions to determine a franchise's potential for success. Also, what qualifies as 'big,' because both the Hunger Games and Star Wars are technically film franchises from large studios, but the latter is clearly 'bigger' than the former. Is the fact that SW is 'extendable' while THG has a finite story the difference? The scope of world-building? – m-cubed 12 months ago
    • I might avoid the phrase "come to life" when talking about books adapted to film as if only the filmic genre brings things "to life" in a way that literature cannot or does not. Or the very phrase could be an interesting point of departure for an article. – pjoshualaskey 12 months ago
    • I think that the next book series that deserves a successful big screen adaption is the Dark Tower Series. It is an absolutely incredible series that hits on so many high notes. The characters are deep and interesting, the world(s) are fleshed out but leave plenty to the imagination, and it covers so many texts that it is mind boggling. Hopefully the film with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey succeeds. – ZachCarlson 11 months ago
    • For me, apart from animation from children I believe one place where Hollywood can clearly pick up franchisees is teen detective novels like say,The Three Investigators. Would make for a break from routine and some interesting viewing! – Vishnu301196 11 months ago
    • Although this probably won't happen, I would love for them to re-do the Percy Jackson movies. Those were such a huge disappointment for fans and I think we deserve something more true to the series. I'm sure many fans would be more than happy to see this happen. – Jenae 11 months ago

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    This was very interesting article, and it is something seen on a lot of TV shows. Relationships happen on almost every show, and it’s fascinating that you pointed out type of relationships you seen on a show. For fan influence you totally should’ve mentioned the “Olicity” phenomenon on the “Arrow”.

    Relationship Entertainment: Navigating the Struggle between Romance and Friendship on TV

    Great article! I love how you went out of your way to find how the prequels and the new movie connect. I am fan of the prequels actaully, and I think they get a little too much hate. I never knew the pod racing flags showed up in the movie, and I will watch the movie again poking for that

    Star Wars: How The Prequel Trilogy Enhances The Force Awakens

    This is a very interesting article and, I praise you for pointing out the flaws of this movie. When it comes to movies based off of real life problems, they have to Hollywood it in order to make it interesting to a casual audience

    Philadelphia and AIDS: Looking Past the Pedantry

    This article is very on point. DLCs that come in the form of season passes like in Star Wars Battlefront are what’s ruining the game industry. It cost an additional $50 to get the season pass, and is an excuse for developers to release unfinished products

    From Expansion Packs to DLC: The Evolution of Additional Video Game Content