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    Appeal of the Superwholock fandom

    Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock: Three very popular shows that have formed into one fandom because one is rarely watched without eventually being dragged into the other two universes. But what makes these three, very different shows, so appealing to viewers? Why this combination of Sci-Fi, Crime Drama, and Horror? The appeal could come from the witty dialogue, the action based plot lines, or maybe the great many ship-able characters that fans fall in love with.

    • I think it would be very curious to analyze why these three fandoms in particular merge into one -- since there are a TON of massive and very interactive fandoms out there. Also, I think something not worthy with Doctor Who is the fact that inbetween seasons they had active "web series" to help fill in the blanks of what was happening. This kind of world building helps to solidify the universe and gives fans much more material to play with. – Pamela Maria 6 years ago

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    “Friends” is one of those shows that you can watch a thousand times and never get bored because it feels so real, yet at the same time is hilarious. I always feel like newer shows try too hard to be funny, but “Friends” manages to include jokes and story-lines perfectly fitted to their lives. One of the points brought up in this article that I completely agree with is that the absence of an end goal is one of things that makes this show timeless. The laid-back style of the episodes allows for richer character development and relatable scenarios. There is no pressure to conclude anything so the viewers can invest themselves in the relationships that come about!

    The Effect of "Friends"

    Thanks for writing such an intriguing article! I love finding hidden meanings, symbolism, and irony in the shows I watch because it means the creators have really thought deeply about the themes and morals they wished to convey. I think Greed’s death was my favorite because of the symbolism, but reading this article has made me appreciate the irony in Lust’s death and Envy’s death. I also thought that it was interesting that Lust, the sin associated with fiery passion, is killed by flames. The article also provided some interesting insight about the Homunculi’s appearance such as the chains on Sloth or the shape shifting abilities of Envy. A great read!

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: The Symbolic and Ironic Deaths of the Homunculi

    These are some great tips! Personally, separating myself from my writing is one of the hardest things to do, but one of the most beneficial. It helps a writer see what is clearly described and what needs to be elaborated on.

    I also agree that getting an outsider’s perspective is important. I speak from experience because I am currently a story with a fellow amateur writer in which we have created a new world and new races. After writing the first couple chapters, we decided to let someone else read what we had so far. It became clear that even though we understood perfectly well every aspect of our world, it was much more difficult for a reader to make sense of it all. Since I already had all the necessary knowledge in my brain, I couldn’t see how someone else might lack important information needed to understand the rest of the story.

    There is no “write” way to write, but these suggestions certainly make things easier!

    The "Write" Way