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Wonder Woman and Sailor Moon; The Parallels between two classic feminist superheroes

With the Wonder Woman live action film on its way, many people might be excited to see one of the west’s greatest superheroines come to life…but let’s take a second to compare and contrast Diana Prince to another superhero from the east: Usagi Tsukino.

  • It would also be important to look into the importance of the age on the differences and similarities between them – marvellaforever 7 years ago
  • I would also add how different the worlds both characters come from are. – BMartin43 7 years ago

Space Marines as Modern Military Satire

Few can watch a movie like Starship Troopers, and take it seriously. Most military satire incorporates some degree of jingoism and intensity to make a political point–but all these films run the risk of offending real people who sacrificed everything for their countries. But what if you place a movie in space? Make the adversary some alien–like a bug, gremlin, or otherworldly thing? Is sci-fi military the ultimate vehicle for satire?

  • If satires about the militia lack jingoism, they wouldn't be satires. – T. Palomino 2 years ago

Hellraiser and Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch painted among the most vivid depictions of Hell. His visualizations depict a crude, decayed cesspool of sin and depravity. In the 1980’s, Clive Barker brought the world Hellraiser, a depiction of Hell equally depraved. Each work complements the other in more ways than one may initially realize.

  • THIS SOUNDS AWESOMEEEEE. I wish I had constructive advice or a different take on this, but this is already the COOLEST IDEA EVER. I want to read this! – PeterThelonious 7 years ago
  • Now that I've overcome my initial excitement, what sorts of similarities would you be focusing on? Just the visual similarities between the two hellscapes? Or maybe you'd be arguing that the damnation often found in Bosch's painting is thematically similar to the the behavior of the Cenobites in Hellraiser? Maybe you could contrast the individual Hellraiser films in how similar or different they are to Bosch's hell? – PeterThelonious 7 years ago

Cybernetic Existentialism; Existential Philosophy and Cyberpunk

An analysis of existential themes in cyberpunk fiction. How does the genre deal with questions of human nature? What is the value of the human experience when it can be replicated? Good examples can include Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, Neuromancer, etc, tackling existential situations from those perspectives.


    Let's Plays and New Forms of Comedy

    Let’s Players are now a mainstream part of the internet. Many of YouTube’s biggest names are Let’s Players. However, very often those on the outside of the Let’s Play fandom asks "Why would you want to watch some idiot playing video games all day?"

    Perhaps as a new form of stand-up comedy. This topic will explore connections between stand-up comedy and popular YouTubers.

    • Personally I only usually watch lets plays as done by personalities I've already subscribed to. Sometimes I watch alternative people play simply because I want to know what a game (that's currently blowing up on the internet) is actually like while not being able to buy it myself. This article could take two routes: a relief for those not willing to buy a game and still be informed, or people looking for connection in reactions for what they've experienced. – Slaidey 8 years ago
    • My main concern to this topic is how many readers of The Artifice actually know this "Let's Plays" thingy. I watch a lot of gameplays on YouTube and have never heard of this being a thing. – James Zhan 8 years ago
    • I think plenty of readers will know what a "Let's Play" is but Zahn raises a point that should be kept in mind for whoever does write this article. That is, a definition and possible examples will be needed to ensure that the reader is able to understand what is being discussed. – Matt Sautman 7 years ago
    • Let's Plays have become such a large community on Youtube that I would argue that there are subgroups. Think of the groups dedicated to certain games (Minecraft, The Sims, etc.), or groups part of larger "networks" (Rooster Teeth, for example). What differentiates different types of Let's Players and how might it affect their style of comedy? – SarahKnauf 7 years ago

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    I argue that Disney’s feminist themes have improved over the course of the years. I’m surprised by the omissions of Frozen and Mulan, even though I realize that Mulan doesn’t feature a princess.

    Feminism and Disney: They're Not As Different As You Might Think

    This article is incredibly insightful. 😀 Though I may have to add that, personally, I’m surprised you didn’t mention Rosemary’s Baby or The Exorcist in this, as those two are by far the most insightful horror films in regards to maternal elements.

    Maternal Horror Films: Understanding the 'Dysfunctional' Mother

    Love this movie! 😀 I adore every bit of its artistic merit and quality. First time I saw it was as a kid, but there was an odd period where I forgot this movie existed. It became like a weird dream…before I rediscovered it for the gem it so is.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas: Why Being Unique in Hollywood Still Matters

    This is brilliantly written. Steven Universe has to be one of the best shows on TV right now, regardless of medium. This analysis is quite clever, and a lot of it seems to be stuff that, while I might not have thought consciously, clicks into place. This is pretty good stuff.

    Masculinity in Steven Universe: A Matter of GEMder?

    Kinda sorta. 🙂 I see alternate as something that branches off of the main universe, while parallel is largely like ours but with some key differences on a fundamental level.

    Parallel and Alternate Realities; Fiction Tells us the Difference

    Her and The Social Network I think are the best examples in this article, but I think the lack of 500 Days of Summer and The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are glaring omissions.

    Meditations of Modern Relationships in Film

    The Wii U I think kind of came and left, and a lot of people didn’t really understand it. It wasn’t distinct enough–or, at least, that was my issue wiht the console. Tech, hardware, even online support I feel weren’t the big factors as to why the Wii U didn’t make an impact.

    But the Switch is distinct. It’s incredibly different. I think based on that alone it’ll get an audience…but the fact that Skyrim HD is advertised on it should imply its hardware is superior.

    The Nintendo Switch: What It Needs To Succeed

    I think in many ways that writing is a subject that can be fostered and developed. Do I think a person can learn how to write? Sure. I would like to believe I learned how to do it myself, but I also think that writers, like most professions in the world, benefit from being on top of their game. Constantly focusing on what other people do in order to hone and develop their own craft.

    Your article focused on fiction writing (focused on that one the most since that’s my craft of choice). I think that, on one hand, sure, learning how to write grammatically correct and all that can be learned…but so can story structure, characterization, etc. I feel that what separates a fiction writer from an amateur is the willingness to get better.

    At least, that’s how I see it.

    Can you Teach Someone how to Become a Writer?