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    Comic book artists putting in hidden meanings in comics

    Recently, X-Men Gold #1 was criticized for how it had hidden religious, political meanings in the art. The artist responsible was fired because of it. This article would examine other comic book artists who faced a similar situation and the consequences of their actions.


      Graphic Novels that have powerful themes

      It would be enticing to examine graphic novels that explore very powerful themes. "V for Vendetta" is a story that explores totalitarianism. These books could have important meanings that could potentially apply to the real world. These powerful themes can be based of off real-world problems such as government corruption. Whoever writes this can choose any graphic novel or comic book series they feel is relevant to today’s world.

      • There are so many graphic novels you could talk about, I'd recommend bringing some more focus to your topic. – SeanGadus 2 months ago
      • I'm interested in writing on this, but I do agree with the revision note. Are you wanting the author to bring in works of their own choosing? Are you wanting a specific theme about power? – Matt Sautman 2 months ago
      • Can you explain what you mean by "powerful themes?" – Stephanie M. 2 months ago
      • I agree with the revision notes posted so far. While I definitely approve of this topic, I think elucidating a few more details would be helpful for prospective writers. Please expand. – Vishnu Unnithan 2 months ago
      • This would be such a cool topic, but it's more of a massive concept than a single topic that a single piece can be written on. Even within some single graphic novels, there is tons of material to explore. What exactly do you mean by "powerful themes"? Things that are more political, moral questions, a discussion of sequential art as literature, ways in which the novels have affected the genre? – sk8knight 2 months ago
      • Whoever does end up writing on this, could you create a top ten list? It would be nice to get an overview of what is out there. – Munjeera 2 months ago

      Have annual games lost their luster?

      There could be an exploration into video game series that release new games every year. It can be an investigation into whether or not consumers are tired of annual releases and how game franchises can suffer because of annual releases. Assassin’s Creed is a perfect example because its games have either been hits with gamers or disasters such as Assassin’s Creed 3.

      • Another example could be the Kingdom Hearts series. It seems that game companies have gotten a bit comfortable with keeping gamers strung along with "filler" titles and their overall projects fall by the wayside. But, there are also games like Call of Duty that release every year and sell regardless of their poor ratings. This is an interesting topic to explore. – TreyHerron 2 months ago

      The Advent of Independent Comics: Why Writers Are Starting To Right Their Own Stories

      It is no secret that Marvel and DC are the top comic book publishers in the industry. But in recent years, many famous writers and artists like Jonathan Hickman and Rick Remender have left the publishers and have started to create comics for Image Comics or other independent publishers. The results are critically acclaimed comic book series that have become very popular among the comic book community. It would be nice to explore the reasons why comic book writers and artists are leaving Marvel or DC to create their own comics with independent publishers like Image Comics. An examination could even be done into what Image Comics and other independent publishers offer writers and artists that Marvel or DC does not.

      • This topic mentions Image a lot, but what about webcomics? It seems that writers and artists who publish online would have a lot more control over their creation. However, in many cases, it seems unlikely that webcomics would be as profitable as physical ones. – sk8knight 2 months ago

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      Latest Comments

      Article is very thought out. Hamilton does in a way reflect the problems facing America today.

      Hamilton and the Construction of Post-Obama Americanism

      Very well written in terms of how the Nintendo Switch must succeed. I think this new console will be Nintendo’s saving grace.

      The Nintendo Switch: What It Needs To Succeed

      I have always felt that villains are what help make great stories in comic books. Without them, what stories can heroes have? Villains are an essential part of comics because they give our favorite heroes their reason to fight.

      What Should Happen To Captured Super Villains?

      Very insightful. I have always usually read a book once and never thought about rereading it again. This is a very informational piece.

      Why Reread Books? The Pros and Cons of Rereading