Will cable TV die in the next 10 or more years?

With the advent of online streaming services, is the television platform nearing its end? If so, how much longer can the platform last? If this topic was picked, the writer could research evidence leading to the conclusion that TV will die out soon or if it still has many years left to go.

  • I think that is a very strong possibility. – AGMacdonald 7 years ago
  • There's been speculation that this could happen--but only if there are not so many competitors for streaming. With Twitter and Facebook livestreams, each channel (and Disney) getting their "go" on, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix completing with content, and so on, customers may be disgusted and just pirate, or have large groups to share the services. – IndiLeigh 7 years ago
  • With the death of television I'm seeing an emergence of broadcast streams. The appeal of tv for the older generations was in part that they don't have to think about or choose what they're watching-- Just put on your favourite channel and sit down. Reruns are fine, and it's a god way to get introduced to movies they might have otherwise not given a chance. I can see specific tv channels turning into company hosted streams, perfect for mindless entertainment when you don't feel like paying attention. – Slaidey 7 years ago

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