Where does Disney's Pop Cultural Domination End?

Disney owns Pixar, Marvel, and Star War. Three properties that constantly earn a lot of money for the corporation. Each year one of their movies is a top earner making close to if not surpassing a billion dollars at the worldwide. With Marvel and Star Wars showing no signs of stopping it seems like Disney will continue to dominate the movie scene. Along with the impending Disney/Fox and their upcoming new streaming service, how can Disney be stopped?

  • Before jumping into this topic, I think it would be important to determine whether or not Disney needs to be stopped. One potential argument might be an unrealistic depiction of women, love, etc, but does this fault solely belong to Disney? How and why would other corporations be better? – MackEmb 6 years ago
  • Maybe focusing on how Disney has changed, or how far it has come from the Steamboat Willie Days and from Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color on TV. – Joseph Cernik 6 years ago
  • Consider the competition. How far are they from Disney. Could they merge to challenge Disney's dominance? Do consumers care? – Jiraiyan 5 years ago
  • I doubt it will. The reason for all their live action remakes are to renew copyright licenses - which means they'll keep a tight hold on the industry. – Andi 5 years ago
  • It will never end. – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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