How TV has Changed Over the Years

This article analyzes the way TV shows have changed over the years. Including the changes of black people on screen as well as independent women.

  • One topic could be about how certain genres have risen in popularity such as comic book-based TV shows. – BMartin43 7 years ago
  • This is definitely vague but also has some potential, build it up a bit. These topics should draw out the potential for the written subject. I would like to see some specific instances of change, tell us the shows and the characters represented. – Jonathan Judd 7 years ago
  • Read Emily Nussbaum's work in The New Yorker. She's a television critic. http://www.newyorker.com/contributors/emily-nussbaum – JennyCardinal 7 years ago
  • Encyclopedic and unfocused. – T. Palomino 1 year ago

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