How TV shows change the perception of people's real life behaviour

Analyze how TV shows can put people in a certain mindset which alters their real life behaviour. Are they just influencing and changing their perspective? or are they brainwashing as not every aspect of the situation is shown?

  • When thinking about reasons why people go to movies or why they are so engaged in television shows, it is either done to unwind and relax or to escape from one's own life. TV shows often take place in very realistic settings, where the probability of the events taking place in the show are likely to take place in the viewers own life. However, especially after binge watching a show for hours on end, it is easy to get caught up in the TV shows world and try to apply their problem solving skills to one's own problems. This almost impossible to do. To perform a monologue of one's undying love for another may work in the staged construct of the show, but in reality it is kind of creepy and very over the top. The situations on TV shows are being carefully calculated and balanced by the writers, and in real life people do not have set boundaries that they must act within. – Naomster7 8 years ago
  • I believe the TV shows give us unreasonable expectations for how relationships and behavior function. For example, How I Met Your Mother examines the relationship's between 5 friends in New York. Throughout the entire show I felt desperate to find similar relationships in my own life; but this is nearly impossible. Although fictional, the behavioral exchanges between characters seems realistic, but people do not behave like that in real life. Many of the characters have candid exchanges with new, and old, friends, but if the acted this way in real life, the responses would be quite different. For example, Ted's many romantic acts might warrant a restraining order in modern day society. People cannot be as carefree and friendly in real life as they are in shows, because our society does not support this type of behavior. – megduckworth 8 years ago
  • I would actually be more worried about the influence of reputed news organizations in affecting the behavior of individuals. There are many viewers who will only watch one network, and since "news," follows the title, these individuals believe this to be the absolute, undisputed truth and will not pursue different avenues of thought. This leads to biases and ideologies that are difficult to change. – danielle577 8 years ago
  • True. Look at right and left wing media. It does portray news in an unworthy way. – Munjeera 8 years ago

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