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    Should Actors/Actresses Be More Age Appropriate?

    Evaluate the frequency in which older actors and actresses play the roles of younger characters (ex. high school students, college students, etc.) Is there any evidence that proves that impressionable adolescents model their expectations on the appearance of these actors and actresses? Could the maturation of teenager’s styles and preferences be linked to this trend? An example of movie that is guilty of this is ‘Mean Girls’.

    • It would also be interesting to look into people playing older characters, and how that skews our perception of aging. – chrischan 8 years ago
    • What should also be looked at is the "proven commodity" trend in hollywood that has led to a few other issues with representation. That trend being that studios only casting names with blockbusters under their belts rather than giving a fresh, more fitting face – Dominique Kollie 8 years ago
    • what could also be looked at is how this leads to the perception of adult subject matter. if someone looks older, is the audience more accepting of seeing them engage in "adult" behavior? is the audience out of touch with how old they actually are? – ninamicanovic 8 years ago
    • You might want to consider how age often means more experience as an actor or actress. Could that influence casting? However, to be fair, that idea may not always be accurate; there are some great young actors and actress in Game of Thrones, for example. – Laura Jones 8 years ago

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    Dany’s nudity in the first season was truly pointless. On the other hand, when she emerges from the fire (nude), I find it to be very powerful. It shows us her raw capacity to rule the world.

    Game of Thrones: Don't Judge a Boob by its Cover

    As the consumer of movies, it is our responsibility to demand more diverse castings. White-washed movies continue to be a problem because consumers continue to promote them through ticket sales. I personally believe that diversity in movies is important and should be an element of modern day society. In thinking this, I will be more cautious when buying tickets to movies that obviously promote white-washing.

    Diversity Matters in Movies

    I have always considered the lack of a story line in Friends, and why it didn’t affect the entertainment value. As you mentioned, the simplicity of it is truly where the value lies. The show is genuinely enjoying through its humor and heartbreak, and sometimes this is all we need. Don’t we all need a little more simplicity in our lives? And Chandler… we all need Chandler.

    The Effect of "Friends"