Intended Remakes Which Should Be Avoided

Recent news of the 1973 horror classic Don’t Look Now is being remade, are there any other classics which should not be remade. If so, why?

  • Poltergeist and It have both been put up for remakes, both of which could destroy their horror gravitas. Horror film remakes are usually notoriously bad (Halloween, Black Christmas, Friday 13th), so could it be a genre thing that makes these not work? – Hannah Spencer 8 years ago
  • I think remaking Jaws would be huge mistake. Or any of the other movie that is made by the time it is set in like Casablanca for example. I also think its interesting that the movies that are being remade already had an audience that enjoyed it and thus really don't need to be remade. Whereas if the movie didn't do well and could use an update its not remade or touched upon at all. – Cagney 8 years ago
  • You could even look at musicals like Annie which has recently been remade to make the argument that if something is to be remade, it should be reflective of the time period it is being remade for. Ie, irish orphan Annie then versus African American (foster kid? I haven't actually seen the whole thing yet) now. – Helen Parshall 8 years ago

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