How To Reinvent And Sharpening Your Gaming Skills

There are a lot of different gaming platforms you can choose from; today you can learn about your games effectively, and how you can condition your body and mind for those long hours you’ll be spending with your games. Today we will discuss what you, as a gamer, will be utilizing the most in your journey towards becoming a better gamer: improving your gaming skills. Please share your thoughts on how to improve a precision, timing, and hand-eye coordination etc.

  • I think at this stage this is a very broad overview, but in fact would make an interesting article. I don't necessarily think it needs to be fleshed out fully here, but if picked up will need to have a clear outline and connection to different game styles and gaming purposes included. – SaraiMW 4 years ago
  • Would have to consider different types of games - FPS and puzzle games have very different needs, after all. – Andi 3 years ago

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