Is including social media into journalism good or bad for the field?

I have been noticing a lot that articles I read seem to include a lot of tweets and FaceBook posts. What do you guys think about this? I am on the fence about this because on one hand, I think social media is a good representation of society’s current mindset and values, but on the other hand, it can feed into a false narrative and strengthen biases, almost making it seem unprofessional and "troll"-like.

  • What makes social media valuable to journalists is its convenience. Tweets, posts, and stories are like public diaries, and give us insight to person's (or institution's) mindset. Like with any medium, it can feed into a "false narrative and strengthen biases." But what makes social media different from other forms of media, such as written statements, press releases, or interviews? Lack of context? Limited character usage? I think it's all worth exploring. – AaronJRobert 5 years ago
  • An excellent topic if framed differently. Looking at how social media biases news and creates fake news would be important here. – Munjeera 5 years ago
  • On the one hand, it allows journalists a way to validate their stories quickly by including social media posts that support their work. On the other, social media often times weakens a journalist's role in society. Nobody needs to read a professionally written story of 300 words when we can read a Tweet. We see this a lot today and it's definitely huge issue that should be tackled. – bradb42 5 years ago

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