Is the novel dead?

In the wake of postmodernism, especially in America, from Don DeLilo to David Foster Wallace to Mark Z. Danielewski, the traditional novel appears to be dying. The question is, has it died? If not, why not, and what makes the novel the novel and what keeps it alive?

  • I would not have said that the novel was even close to dead. I haven't seen any sort of sign that novels are on their way out, but that's my perspective. I'm curious: What makes you say that the novel is dead? What do you even mean by dead? – OddballGentleman 9 years ago
  • I agree with OddballGentleman. If you were to write this topic, I'd suggest maybe talking about the reasons why you think novels are dying/dead. Does it have to do with other forms of entertainment (ex: film, tv)? What have you read/seen that makes you ask this question? – kcutler 9 years ago
  • I definitely don't think the novel is, or ever will be, dead. What is probably on the way out is the printed word which could be just as sad. – Catherine Conte 9 years ago

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