Is there an emotional disconnect between artist and work when the medium is electronic?

With the development of new and more intricate technologies, artists seem to be turning more and more to creating art through the use of their computer. Do you think that modern art that is produced this way lacks the same emotional overtones as older pieces that were developed by the artist brush-to-canvas, so to speak?

  • If you pick this up, you might find this source helpful: "The role of emotion in computer-mediated communication: A review" (doi:10.1016/j.chb.2007.04.004). Its focus is computer-mediated communication versus face-to-face communication, but its conclusions may be useful: "Our conclusion is that emotions are abundant in CMC, and there is no indication that CMC is an impersonal medium, nor that it is more difficult to communicate emotions online. This can first of all be inferred from the success of MSN [(Microsoft Network Messenger service)], the presence of blogs and support lists, and the success of online therapy, in all of which emotions about a variety of personal experiences and problems are shared." The article is available online; just google the call number I posted above. – jackgiesenart 6 years ago
  • Cool topic! I often wonder about this too. – aprosaicpintofpisces 6 years ago

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