Isao Takahata doesn't get enough respect

Because Hayao Miyazaki has been the most well known renowned figure of studio Ghibli, many people sometimes forget that he’s not the only ingenious individual at work. Isao Takahata the co-founder of studio Ghibli has also made many good films amongst them some are on a par with Hayao Miyazakis work and some of them even greater than Miyazaki features. Don’t you think?

  • I think if anyone is taking this topic, they should explain who Hayao Miyazki and Isao and Takahata are as not a lot of people know the Ghubli studio. Indigenous films should be talked about more. Can't wait to see how this article goes. – Amelia Arrows 3 years ago
  • For anyone thinking of taking on this topic suggestion, I'd recommend first reading an article published in the Artifice on 1st April 2018, written by Matchbox: https://the-artifice.com/isao-takahata-retrospective/ It addresses the issues raised above. On a personal note - I'd love to see more written about Isao Takahata. A fascinating character in his own right. – Amyus 3 years ago

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