Japanese Portrayal of Other Races in Anime

Analyze the different types of characters (and caricatures) in anime that has different portrayals of characters of a different race, for better or for worse.

  • The first anime that comes to mind is Hetalia, although someone has already pitched that anime as a topic. I'm also thinking about Shokugeki no Soma and Soul Eater, as they're both animes that deal with international students. Perhaps it would be interesting to investigate why creators decide to put other races in their stories, and why it's important to the plot line. – YsabelGo 9 years ago
  • Anime generally tends to portray different races in an equal fashion with the exceptions of altering skin tones. Many anime have international students who seem very much the same in design as the Japanese characters. – Nick 9 years ago
  • Ah, THIS is a very interesting topic. Although I'm not sure if this fits into the category you are specifying, I enjoyed Hiromu Arakawa's use and portrayal of different religions and governmental societies in Fullmetal Alchemist. She had a bit of everything: Christianity/Catholicism, Islam, Communism, etc. Adding a section about Arakawa's depiction of prominent social establishments outside of Japan could be worth it. Great topic! – Dominic Sceski 9 years ago
  • A few series that come to mind that could definitely work with this topic are: Infinite Stratos, World Break, Shougeki no Soma, Girl Und Panzer, and Nobunagun to name a few. – Kevin Mohammed 8 years ago

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