Keeping it snappy: The power of the animated short

Examine the medium of the animated short film and the effect on audience – from major animation pioneers such as Disney and Pixar to independent animators working on YouTube, shorts have been around for a while, and hold a surprising amount of power. Humour, visual flair, emotional depth – the range that can be explored in five minutes of animation is something truly fascinating.

  • The best ones to speak of are the recent successes like Paper Man. The Volcano short from Inside Out deserves mention too. – SpectreWriter 9 years ago
  • The CGBros is a Youtube channel that likes to showcase shorts made by students or independent animators. This can also be a great source for examples. – YsabelGo 9 years ago
  • The person who wants to write this could check out that Disney animation short film on Netflix that showcases a lot of the popular ones. – Jaye Freeland 8 years ago

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