LGBT Stereotyping in TV

Analyze the use of LGBT stereotypes in TV, asking whether they serve to help the LGBT community by raising awareness, or do more damage by perpetuating stereotypes. Ideas: the "Gay Best Friend", the "Butch" lesbian, etc.

  • LGBT stereotyping in anime also seems like an interesting topic to tackle. – smarrie 9 years ago
  • Definitely a good one to do. I broached that a little on my site (http://mattdoylemedia.com/2015/09/23/article-bi-visibility-day-2015-and-my-writing/) with regards to Bi Stereotyping. Popular entertainment has so much power with this I think. Anime/Manga is no different to Western entertainment in that respect. – mattdoylemedia 9 years ago
  • This is a good topic. Just like any other stereotype (i.e. the "dumb blond," "the nerd"), LGTB stereotyping can be overused and make a character seem bland. Having a character be the "gay best friend" may be a good foundation for a character, but the character must be written to have a unique personality, otherwise he or she will just be a bland character that doesn't help raise awareness for the LGTB community. – valiantreader 8 years ago

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