Monopoly: Too Real to Play?

My family cannot play Monopoly. It is not a fun game during which we can laugh and enjoy quality time together. Instead we become cruel, building hotels as quickly as possible and holding vendettas against each other when someone won’t trade/sell a property with us. The desire to win with the most amount of money takes over and we forget about familial loyalty… and the fact that it is just a game.
But is it?
Is this a common theme that as soon as someone gets their first property, their first monopoly, builds their first house then hotel, they become more and more like the ruthless investors on Wall Street? Is this healthy or should Monopoly be removed from the shelves of toy stores and relocated to board rooms where said investment bankers can practice their strategies and the rest of society can be safe?

  • While on the one hand, you're not entirely wrong, on the other hand, neither my family or any other I've witnessed playing the game has ever metamorphosed into cruel and greedy people, treating each other in a way they would otherwise not. The way you describe it, your family completely changed personalities once exposed to a game about making the most money: it changed who they were. But is that really how it happens at your house, or are you just exaggerating this account in order to play up the topic for others to write about? Cause this seems a tad extreme and sensationalized if you ask me. – Jonathan Leiter 8 years ago
  • I have experienced this game as both fun and ruthless. I guess the more important thing is, does your family go back to being fun loving when it's over? Or do they continue to hold grudges after the game is put away? If no grudge is held, I think it might even be beneficial to get out some family angst in a harmless game than in full blown arguments. – Tatijana 8 years ago
  • Exactly, Tatijana. If Monopoly does not pit people against each other after the fact, then it could serve a great benefit as a cathartic tool, just like how platformer and adventure video-games help me to relax after a stressful day. – Jonathan Leiter 8 years ago
  • This could be a worthwhile topic although it might be worth looking at other board games as well. – Jordan 8 years ago
  • I agree with Jordan, a few other board games can cause equal amounts of stress and anger and they all might do so for the same reason. – Austin Bender 8 years ago
  • I've learned that when games become like that it is time to take out a game everyone can enjoy. Take into consideration how personality clashes with an enjoyable evening. I have been accused of cheating at Pictionary because I draw well. Those people never will play it (one of my favorite games) with me again ;(.Ah well. It doesn't mean artists should be banned from playing. But, to avoid resentment, you just have to find a game that everyone likes. No need for stress. The game "Gloom," I recall, was created for the very purpose of making good things happen. – Candice Evenson 8 years ago

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