Music can make even weak anime great

A look into anime shows that are not very well scripted but because of high intensity and well crafted music, it is able to make what is boring at times exciting to the eyes and ears.

  • To this day although he admits the plot is lacking, my boyfriend still clings to Dragon Ball Z as one of the best animes ever made "because of the soundtrack." I don't agree it was that great but clearly music affects people deeply in how they respond to a show, whether they know it or not! – Slaidey 7 years ago
  • I feel this way about Elfen Lied; its opening is beautiful but the show itself is horrendously gratuitous with its violence and shock value. – smarrie 7 years ago
  • How I feel about Terror in Resonance...there are a lot of plot holes, yet the music is so amazing and emotional, it still comes out as one of my favorite series. – psychedelicreme 7 years ago

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