Native Americans in Hollywood film

I would love to read an article detailing Native American representation in Hollywood cinema. Whitewashing, the Marlon Brando Oscars debacle, and more.

  • There was a 2009 documentary title "Reel Injun" that did a terrific job exploring this, and it is a powerful topic because of the influence that the portrayal of First Nations in films has had on the European North American consciousness. In light of the more recent calls for recognition of indigenous sovereignty, rights, and title to unceded land that have been in the news lately in both Canada and the US, examining our perceptions of First Nations peoples and biases formed by Hollywood visions would be well worth reading. – petethicke 6 years ago
  • You're right that "Reel Injun" addresses this and does so amazingly. It is about 10 years old; however. I have yet to read recent well written online articles detailing this issue. – nbenn057 6 years ago
  • There are many of them, and there are scholars who dedicated their careers to that subject and wrote books about it. – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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