Off-Screen: Engaging Young People in Drama

Is it worthwhile to try and engage young people (teenagers/young adults) in drama, meaning plays as a form of entertainment and playwriting as a form of literature? In a screen-driven society, it seems that drama is represented by a single high-school musical in the lives of most young people. This article could look at the economical and artistic advantages of drama over something like filmmaking.

  • Good topic. It is worth stating how young people are still driven towards the stage and plays (I experience that everyday at university), especially in an era where the arts intertwine, such as when visual effects/videos are incorporated in ballets, shows or plays. It would be wrong to say young people are not interested in these anymore. Plays and musicals know that and try to change their ways and talk about subjects that touch young people in a funny way too (like book of Mormon or Fun Home). Also, be careful with comparing drama and filmmaking. They are both different and both worthy arts, no need to place one above the other! :) – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 9 years ago

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