Photography and Painting

Artistic medium and perception prospered in the 19th century, it is the emergence of photography which influenced artists to innovate and alter the way they made art. Photographs allow an audience to observe and categorize, they aren’t just statements of the world but actual pieces of it. While painting can be a narrow and selective interpretation, a photograph can be treated as a mirror of reality. How did photography fundamentally transform painting?

  • Good topic! I don't know much about the relationship of photography and painting, but I do know that critics commonly claim that the development of photography pushed creative writers to become more experimental with their writing and to seek out new ways of representing "reality" (stream of consciousness, fragmentation, etc.). Photographs are narrow and selective, too, of course. When we take a photo, we choose all sorts things: content and context (what we include in the frame, what we cut out), distance, angle, lighting, exposure time, etc. – JamesBKelley 4 years ago

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