Plot Driven Stories or Character Driven stories-Which one is better?

Films tend to fall into one or two categories: they are either smart or they are dumb blockbusters. But If one were too realy look at the core difference between the two, it comes down to how the story is written. Either the plot forces the character through a lot of hell, or the character go through hell because they decide to. My question is which one is better?

  • To me this sounds like a question that depends on your psychology. If your focus is on people, character-driven plots seem more attractive; if objects/things, then plot driven. One thing that seems clear to me is that you need elements of both in order to get the best final product. – J.D. Jankowski 4 years ago
  • Great topic! However, I don't think that this topic should focus on the fact that plot driven or character driven is ultimately "better" than the other. Some readers/viewers are content with plot driven stories (like fans of YA novels) and others are content with character driven stories (like fans of the literary genre). This also doesn't mean that someone who would enjoy character driven stories won't enjoy a plot driven story and vice versa. To make such a statement, I think, is actually quite bias. What I suggest in approaching this topic is weighing the pros and cons of both, their similarities and differences, and how they affect the story being told. Maybe even consider how if a character focused novel was rewritten as a plot focused novel, how this would affect its narrative structure, pacing and audience reception. – SpookyDuet 4 years ago
  • This sounds like it would be very much an opinionated idea, and would not really provide insight into the analysis of how a story is written as proving which is better. I think rather than stating which is "better", a better idea would be to compare and contrast them, so as not to make such an opinionated statement, therefore leaving the reader open to considering both ideas, without having an opinion thrown at them. – Alyshabuck 4 years ago
  • I'm a big fan of character-driven stories because I like to get inside their heads, so I'll be interested to see where this article goes. – Stephanie M. 4 years ago
  • Given the schism between plot- and character-driven stories/authors, I think such an article could prove useful. Especially one that not only analyzes both sides, but also makes an argument for why both plot and character need to be treated equally with regards to forging a tight and deep narrative that's thematically cohesive. To put it in simple terms, story could = plot + character = theme. – Michel Sabbagh 4 years ago
  • Examples? – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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