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Are pokemon starting to cop-out on there designs i.e. A sword, machines you find in your home, a garbage bag. I kind of think they are. Some of the pokemon I like and I’m not saying they are bad mons, so don’t be offended but are their designs lacking?

  • The first games had pink goo Pokemon, ball Pokemon, upside-down ball Pokemon, mole Pokemon, three mole Pokemon, magnet Pokemon, three magnet Pokemon. Design concept is something that hasn't always been present in every Pokemon species from the first games, and while I do agree that some of the newer Pokemon have poor design choices, that could be said from the beginning as well. They aren't all going to be winners, and with the soon-to-be over 800 species nobody is going to like all of them. I certainly don't, but as with everything it's just a matter of opinion and there's nothing to stop someone from using six Charizards or only legendaries or just the cute ones if they so choose :) – Nayr1230 8 years ago
  • Very interesting topic - scope for an interesting article here – J.P. Shiel 8 years ago
  • I disagree with you completely. There are many questionable designs from the first generation. I'm not hating on them or anything because I love Pokemon as a whole but the argument on newer Pokemon being uninspired is pretty unknowledgable. There was a magnet Pokemon, rock Pokemon, goo Pokemon, and even a Pokeball Pokemon. Oh and there's one that's just a reversed Pokeball Pokemon. A lot of Pokemon were probably created and used later. I believe that was stated by the company. Some Pokemon were supposed to be in previous generations such as the second generation Pokemon being in the first. – melvin2898 8 years ago
  • I agree that the designs are lacking in originality and quality in comparison to the original Pokemon. But there could many different reasons in this decline of design. Could it be due to a running out of ideas because all of the good ones are already used? Could it be that the Pokemon designers feel rushed due to an increased want for their games now that they have a more developed fan-base and standing in the gaming world? Or could it be due to a laziness developed through the awareness that their fan base is developed and going nowhere? Or could it simply be a misplaced sense of nostalgia that regularly comes with video games in that old games are always perceived as better? There are many avenues with which one could take this topic. – mattpellegrino 7 years ago
  • There are hundreds of Pok√©mon now. Shouldn't be that surprising that 20 years later, they are running out of unique ideas lol. Same goes for shows like the Power Rangers as well. Producing unique content for fantasy shows isn't difficult, but keeping that content fresh for years, or even decades is almost impossible. At least the games stayed good and the story still flows well. That is pretty much all you can ask for. – MikeySheff 7 years ago
  • I would say that during Pokemon Black and White, Pokemon designs started to decline and the fans were well aware of it too. Since the release of Sun and Moon, Pokemon designs have become more interesting in my opinion and they have introduced different forms of fan favorites. Can we really blame them for being short on ideas after 20 years? – DjLarry 7 years ago

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