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    Famous Side-Characters in Movie Series

    Analyse different movie franchises and their array of characters other than the protagonist, specifically, where these side-characters or villains seem to contribute more to the widespread allure of the movie/series more than the hero. And then, discuss the reasons behind their contribution i.e. quality of acting, depth of character, character popular appeal, etc. There are many examples one could run with, for example, Han Solo in Star Wars, Legolas/Aragorn in LOTR, Joker in The Dark Knight, etc.

    • What can be said of "side-characters" if they eventually become protagonists in their own spin-off stories? – pjoshualaskey 8 years ago
    • Would this be including love interests as side characters? I only ask as I've noticed that your list contains only male characters in franchises (which is certainly fine as those are powerful and interesting characters), but going down this road something could (or should) be said of female side characters so as be sure to keep gender balance. If you aren't defining a side character as a love interest, seeking out female side characters would be essential (or pointing out the lack thereof). – Mariel Tishma 8 years ago
    • Agree with Mariel, I think it would be important to define "side-character", as you could probably write this type of article based on villains alone. – Sonia Charlotta Reini 7 years ago

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    Very intriguing how you combined such a historical tragedy and comics. And not only combined the ideas and drew similarities, but also made it relevant by expressing the United States apparent lack of knowledge in such an area.

    Using X-Men: Magneto Testament to Teach the Holocaust

    Very nice way of taking a hot political topic and incorporating it into an article about comic books. Personally, I think superheroes should be allowed to use to guns by all means. If they are fighting crime and said enemies may be wielding a gun or some other projectile associated power why wouldn’t the hero also use a gun to combat the evil. Especially, if the hero is at a disadvantage in the distanced combat area I believe they most certainly should use a gun to fight crime more effectively. Superhero comics are an obviously, overtly fictional form of entertainment, so superheroes portrayed with guns should be taken lightly in my opinion.

    Superheroes and Super Villains Who Use Guns

    Very interesting idea and skilled execution. This article contained so many different versions and sitings to Batman both comics and movies, and delves into a deeper side of a character from comics, when comics can often brush over such aspects of their characters. The thought that a superhero who dedicates their life to saving/helping others would have mental struggles like everyone else is original and intriguing.

    What Batman can Teach Us About Depression