PreCrime vs. the Sibyl System: Minority Report (2002) and Psycho-Pass (2012)

Compare and contrast the dystopian worlds of the film, Minority Report, and the anime, Psycho-Pass, and the conflict of predetermining criminal acts and passing out judgment against people who have not committed crimes, yet. PreCrime implements a system where potential criminals are apprehended according to the psychic abilities of the "precogs" while the Sibyl System measures the mentalities of the populace and calculates the likelihood of individuals committing crimes according to their "Crime Coefficient" index. How do these stories depict a future where judgement is passed before the crime even happens? What is the significance of the protagonists–John Anderton of Minority Report and Akane Tsunemori of Psycho-Pass–and their journeys as they gradually realize the flawed nature of the system they believed in?

  • if someone should choose to tackle this topic, i think that it could also be interesting to include an analysis of predictive policing––arguably a precursor to the systems in these imagined dystopias––which has been slowly growing in global influence. – ees 5 years ago

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