Primate Representation in Media

This topic is concerned with the representation of non-human primates, especially great apes, in television, cinema, music, and more. This topic isn’t necessarily concerned with the quantity of primate representation as much as it is the quality; how they are represented in relation to humans, in relation to their endangerment, habitat loss, mistreatment, evolution, intelligence…etc. Some examples of primate media representation one might consider are: The chimp in Jordan Peele’s "Nope," The Planet of the Apes franchise, meme culture…etc.
Writers in this topic would be exploring how the current attitudes towards our closest taxonomic relatives is embedded either blatantly or within the subtext of modern media, or how these attitudes have changed overtime. In the Planet of the Apes example, one might write about humanity’s ability to share our planet, or even consider sharing our planet, and what qualities of life are required in a species for us to even begin to consider sharing resources. Just about any example will require writers to discuss the prevalence, or the rare absences, of speciesism in our culture.

  • More details for the person who will write this topic would be much appreciated ;) – Beatrix Kondo 4 months ago
  • Could you clarify what you're looking for the writer to explore? – Sunni Ago 4 months ago
  • Regarding the Planet of the Apes franchise, one could consider the representation from the 1968 film in comparison to the more modern films as a bit of a possible starting point. – SiothrĂșn 4 months ago

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