Promoting Healthy Relationships

Pop-culture is infamous for questionable portrayal of romance. What does a healthy relationship look like and what pieces of fiction do a good job at portraying it? A recent good example I can think of is Violet and Tony in The Incredibles 2. While we have yet to see the relationship take off, the fact that he is attracted to her for her confidence sends a positive message. By working on herself first and being strong and independent, Violet was able to attract a nice guy. I think we need more media that sends that message of self-fulfilment being an important ingredient in a healthy relationship.

  • Good. The usually is girlfriends fighting or couples yelling, since it fits an image of TV drama. A normal relationship where friendship or love matter in healthy ways is an interesting topic. Can TV handle this and find it interesting enough to attract and hold viewers? – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago
  • Love this. Love the idea that relationships do not need to be abusive, unhappy, or negative in any way to be interesting. Hollywood's frequents portrayal of unhealthy relationships--what kind of message is that really sending to kids and young adults? – Eden 3 years ago

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