PS5 and Xbox Series X the last generation of physical console

With the upcoming release of Playstation and Xbox’s newest consoles many are curious will these be their last physical consoles. The world is shifting towards streaming technology over physical devices. Microsoft already offers accessibility options with the Play Anywhere service, which allows you to play your digital Xbox One games on Windows 10 and vice versa. Ubisoft co-founder Yves Guillemot, believes we will soon start streaming video games like we do TV, music and film. I’m interested in how the gaming industry’s advance towards streaming will affect gaming culture. Will our favourite gaming companies go the way of blockbuster when the video streaming giant Netflix emerged.

  • It will be interesting to see how much the PS5 Digital Edition Costs Vs. PS5 Version With A Disc Drive, which feels like a step towards a streaming future. If console makers make people pay for a disc drive there are many who will opt for the cheaper digital version, which could get consumers more comfortable with the idea of streaming consoles. Additionally, not everyone has reliable internet so I wonder how people in that situation will view physical media. – Sean Gadus 4 years ago
  • This would make for an incredible article, one that would draw in gamers, and ultimately start a much needed discussion about the future of gaming. You are definitely onto something about Microsoft/Windows, as almost every gamer I know has moved to primarily buying or building their own gaming PCs! Most of my friends who have consoles only have them to play older games with the original system. Just as a small little edit, don't forget to swap out the period in the last sentence with a question mark.! Additionally, if possible, I think the article would be more universally applicable to gamers if it was more focused on "the end of physical consoles" with brief sections about PlayStation and Xbox. From there, the writer could then focus on what that might mean for gamers, in both positive and negative lights. (: – Abie Dee 4 years ago
  • Has the potential for an article sporting plenty of foresight. For instance, it'd be interesting, for instance, to take a gander at the different approaches Microsoft and Sony took with regards to how they make their games accessible to audiences, with Sony still banking on exclusives that require consumers to go the traditional route of buying the specific console for the job, while Microsoft's more interested in making their titles accessible across sundry platforms (which could explain the general lack of hard Xbox Series X exclusives at the moment). – Michel Sabbagh 4 years ago

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