Race, Gender, and James Bond

Debate surrounding the possibility of Idris Elba and, more recently, Gillian Anderson succeeding Daniel Craig as Bond raises questions about identity politics in franchise casting. Should racial and gender minorities strive to make inroads into existing franchises, or should they reject the homogenizing culture of the franchise in favor of more independent and original work? How do these questions relate to the concept of fan culture, and its potentially racist and sexist undertones?

  • Though possibly not a politically correct statement, I must admit that I would be absolutely disappointed to see Gillian Anderson as Bond. Though she is a phenomenal actress, I do believe James Bond should be played by a male. This franchise has been in existence for almost 40 years. As for Idris Elba...for him to be overlooked due to, as ignorant articles have suggested, his being too "hood," is asinine. He would be a wonderful Bond; he's charismatic, charming, commanding of the audience, and a versatile actor. Therefore, I am arguing against the gender aspect, but in favor of the racial facet. What I find disappointing is the manner in which people are discussing these topics. – danielle577 8 years ago
  • I think the backlash of switching the gender of James Bond would be greater than the backlash of the Ghostbusters reboot and I don't trust the Bond franchise to produce any more quality movies. The next Bond being a woman and the movie being bad coupled with a failed Ghostbuster reboot I think would solidify woman = replacements for mainstream audiences – Atticus 8 years ago

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