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When is it a mistake and when is it subverting conventions?

Analyze the difference in your mind and the mind of critics when a break in filming conventions such as the 180 rule is an intention subversion or a simple mistake and what it says about the film and the filmmaker.

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    What are your thoughts on the shaky cam shots in the film?

    The Hypocrisy of The Hunger Games

    I feel bad for my initial reaction to your title, I was ready whole-heartedly to disagree, “everyone’s interpretation is valid!” I tend to over simplify art in my mind that it’s entirely the viewers’ control for interpretation but it’s an added complexity I hadn’t thought about that some interpretations are just wrong. And I feel entirely comfortable agreeing with you that “bitches be crazy” is absolutely not the point. That’s also just boring. When you hear people rant and rave about a movie wouldn’t you expect a little bit more than validation that your gender is the rational one? And how would you reconcile that with how hard Amy dupes Nick? Amy is clearly the planner and logical one.

    What The Audience Got Wrong About "Gone Girl"

    I agree with a lot of these points. For me what made him interesting was the complexity he added to the drug trade. Obviously there are good people dealing and doing drugs but it’s something I have to consciously think about. Breaking Bad was so much cat and mouse but who was the cat and who was the mouse kept switching. This switching and role reversal, I think, is what made Breaking Bad so interesting and Walt’s juggling act of family and career passion.

    Breaking Bad: The Appeal of Walter White