Representation of mental illness in "Legion"

Addressing the success and failings of the FX series "Legion" regarding its representation of mental illness. While it is an exceptional psychological thrill ride, is its representation of mental illness accurate and respectful?

  • I think this sounds like an excellent topic! As designers and creators of media such as TV shows and comics, we have the power to help influence society at large. This means that creators have a responsibility to portray topics like mental illness in a way that is respectful and accurate, helping society to begin to develop an understanding of how life is experienced by those experiencing these conditions. – susannah 6 years ago
  • One of my biggest issues with "Legion" is that, in the comics, David genuinely has schizophrenia, and his powers are just an extension of that. In the show, it's just, "No, he doesn't have a mental illness. He's just a mutant." – JaredTaylor94 6 years ago
  • In Season 2, we get to hear some of the voices in David's head. They sound like David, they argue with each other, and they convince him of things. He's still clearly unhinged, in addition to his mind-reading powers. But it's also clear that after fighting the Shadow King, he isn't that debilitated by mental illness, so far anyway. – noahspud 6 years ago

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