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    Netta Barzilai, Israel's Eurovision Entry: Cultural Appropriation?

    Netta Barzilai from Israel’s Eurovision entry was voted #1 for her Asian inspired performance and song ‘Toy’. Many commentators have argued that the performance is cultural appropriation – using Japanese Motifs such as maneki-neko cats in her set and Asian style costume elements. The performance has also been accused of using traditional drum elements from Palestinian culture which in the current political climate can be seen as extremely disrespectful. Others see the performance as a celebration of cultural diversity and the inclusion of Asian culture into a European competition. Why is this performance so dividing throughout commentators? What are the main arguments for and and against the inclusion of Asian culture in this performance?

    • An excellent point to make! i understand how it might be considered a celebration of diversity in culture, but ultimately the maneki-nekos don't serve a purpose and the song isn't really about cultural diversity. It seems to be more about bullying, sexism, and equality. It does certainly feel like the nekos were used without any thought or purpose other than someone thinking "oh they look cool, lts add them in." This isn't inherently mean-spirited, but it's certainly questionable... – Dimitri 6 years ago

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    Video Game narratives are so complex because they are so multi-faceted. Unlike a book where the story is mostly conveyed through text, focusing on characters and events, video games often involve several elements of conveying the narrative – through the characters, the environment, text and even the game play itself (game mechanics).

    A good example of the game mechanics helping to convey the narrative is the collecting mechanic in Ether One (a game about dementia). The player can collect random items such as shoes and coffee cups, and doesn’t know what will be useful to them until they need these items.

    The Future of Writing: Video Games

    I’m so excited for this change. I love the idea that if I ever have a daughter, she can watch Dr Who and feel as though she can not only be a companion, but that if she wants to, and she works hard enough, she could be a Doctor!

    A Female #doctor13: Why the Controversy?

    It’s almost like holding a lens up to society as a warning – forcing us to look and thinking ‘this is what could become if we keep heading in this direction’…

    What is the Purpose of Dystopian Literature?