Setting: Iconic places in movies

Make a top ten list of the amazing settings that have added richness to their movies. From the iconic scene of King Kong on the Empire State Building, to Central Park, to Chicago and LA. How have various scenes been influenced by their settings? Go as far back as Hitchcock. Discuss Central Park as a location that has added a certain flavour to movies.

  • All of these are US locations. Perhaps it would be good to compare with movies set in eg London or Paris? Are there differences in the way locations are used across the cutlrual settings? – CharlotteG 5 years ago
  • I think making a list with so many options would be hard maybe if it was broken by individual city like New York City, you could list all the notable places within it. New York City and San Francisco I would say have some the most popular locations so I feel like it wouldn't be doing other cities justice to put them on the same list when you might much more information on these two cities – tingittens 4 years ago
  • I agree all of these locations are USA locations. What is intresting is that there are certain locations that are used to give off a certain mood Like all snow locations are filmed in Quebec All majestic and fanatsy places are filmed in Norway and Ireland – Amelia Arrows 4 years ago
  • This is really an excellent projection of historical truths and their undeniable roles to shaping the present world and its people. – kiru100 4 years ago

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