Should Superhero Franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe Have a Final Film? Or Should They Continue Indefinitely as the Comics do?

As more and more studios start up cinematic universes based on comic book properties, it is hard to imagine that these films will be successful for forever. However comic books have still remained fairly successful and people still remain invested in the characters. Can the films expect the same support, or should they have a definitive ending?

  • I really like this topic as I am a super fan of these movies. The MCU right now is leading up to Avengers Infinity War in 2018, and Avengers 4 in 2019. Nobody knows what's going to happen, but they are most likely not just gonna stop making movies all together. These movies make way too much money to just stop, so there should be speculation on what could happen post Avengers 4. – cbo1094 8 years ago
  • Interesting topic. In David Ehrlich's review of Civil War, he describes the MCU as "A film franchise so immense and self-perpetuating that a plot’s greatest possible conflict is no longer the end of the world, but rather the end of the brand." In all likelihood marvel will continue to add to its sprawling universe until the audience diffuses or they run out of cash, which could be anywhere from in the near future to decades later. I like the idea of whether they "should". It would be memorable and history-making for them if they ended their run on a well-crafted note, though as the years go on the likelihood seems incredibly slim. They would likely go on making them until the public is entirely bored of it. – Matchbox 8 years ago

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