Should the X-Men Universe follow the template of the MCU

The success of the MCU has been one of the hallmarks of cinema for the past decade. Arguably what has contributed to this is a significant amount of planning, and team of people dedicated to the topic, as well as a large amount of source material. Given that the X-Men universe has the third reason locked in, what’s to stop 20th Century capitalizing on the blueprint laid down by the founders of the MCU and giving them something to compete against? Arguably all it could take is a team passionate about making this a reality.

  • It might be important to isolate some of the more well loved characters and explain why they are so compelling that they deserve their own film, considering that the team dynamic of X-Men is likely more important than merely separate characters: it's only by working together that the X-Men are able to overcome insurmountable odds. It may also be a good idea to discuss the Deadpool and upcoming X-Force film series. Another thing to consider is exactly what in the X-Men film universe is currently considered canonical, considering the inherent conflict between X-Men Origins: Wolverine's depiction of Deadpool and the more faithful representation of the Deadpool films. Not only that, but Days of Future Past and the ending of Deadpool 2 apparently completely rewrote the timeline. – LaPlant0 5 years ago

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