Steven Universe is poised to pave the way to progressive animation on children's networks, but few follow suit.

Analyze why Steven Universe is a popular show among several age groups. Main reasons being it’s progressive and tolerant writing with well rounded characters who actually develop as the show progresses. However, the show keeps getting pushed aside for shows like Teen Titans Go, which has little to nothing to offer in terms of tolerance and character development. Research why this is and what it could mean for the future of animation if Steven Universe fails at the hands of the network.

  • I'm actually currently writing a research paper for a college class related to it, specifically examining what Steven Universe has been able to do that Adventure Time has not, specifically regarding gay relationships (the intended relationship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum that never came to be). That could be another angle to consider. – JMPetrequin 9 years ago
  • You might look into the difference in marketing opportunities between SU and other CN shows. With Teen Titans Go, specifically, they have name recognition with the earlier Titans series, and with that they have the ability to sell a butt-load of toys and games. Despite being arguably the worst thing I've seen, TTG makes money /because/ of how dumb it is. It's an easy show with no real continuity between episodes, and because of that it can be picked up at any time. With SU, however--while you can watch and enjoy any individual episode--there is an over-aching plot that can be missed by a casual viewer. The show also can't bank on recognition from previous sources because the show is doing a lot of "new" things that I'm sure CN has no clue how to market. As a side-note: if they could figure out a way to make toys of character that could actually fuse (kinda like the megazords of early Power Ranger toys), they would be awesome! – waltermccoy91 8 years ago

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