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Black female leads opposite white male leads, that get negative responses from viewers

Analyze and explain the reasons for dislike of black female characters, in TV shows, that get negative backlash from viewers. For example, the CW show, The Flash, has a black Iris West, an Iconic love interest and reporter in the DC comics. When the actress was cast, instead of a white female, comic book fans were outraged. Now that she has been on the show for one season, the negative opinions of the character still continue. Another example, FOX’s Sleepy Hollow, has a black female lead opposite a white male lead, she aslo gets backlash from some viewers. Just recently, Lera Vega, from Fox’s Minority Report.

  • This is even true in Doctor Who I've found. Martha doesn't appear to be a favourite companion character to the Doctor by many people compared to all his white female companions. – Slaidey 9 years ago