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Queen of the Fanboys: Comicbookgirl19's Reign as Pop Critic Champ

YouTube celebrities have worked hard to gain followers, fans and lurkers by creating original programming. Talk shows that cover uncensored topics like politics, pop culture or in the case of Comicbookgirl19, comics, have become quite popular in recent years. This recipe has wet the palate of millions of subscribers. However, maintaining that level of notoriety is challenging. Due to the fact that the novelty of their shtick eventually wears off, and the groundswell of crowdsourcing funds plateau, keeping viewers requires increasing the lure of merchandising, re-orienting the show’s focus or set designs, which may have diluted the purity of Comicbookgirl19’s appeal.

  • This may due for expansion, actually, give examples of people who lost popularity on YouTube for this reason. Otherwise a good topic. – SpectreWriter 8 years ago
  • to Rachel Efassy Bitoun: funding plateau means that funds raised by donations haven't increased, rather it is steady? I'm not sure why you would interpret that as a "French word"? A plateau like a mountain top or hill? And as for the question? This style of abstract is very commonly used in rhetorical analyses, there is no concrete answer as to why her show has become less popular. It is primarily speculative. Unless, the author wants to do an exhaustive political economic paper. Sorry you are not familiar with this type of research. Emily Deibler: I changed the second sentence, thanks for the constructive copy edit! – Jason052714 8 years ago