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The impact of Dragon Ball on shonen anime

Just how influential is dragonball on the shonen anime of today? Hunter x hunter, Fairy Tale, and Black Clover are just a few anime with components that mirror the Dragonball series. Having large casts of characters with superpowers, and different "levels" a character can progress through. Think of all the elements that make up a shonen anime, do you agree that newer shonen anime take from DB? Where would you rank the Dragonball series in terms of influence on the shonen/action genre in anime?

  • I think it would be useful to define some terms here. "Influential" in which ways? Which concrete similarities/differences are visible to audiences in, for example, the storyline? The characters? The setting? And what does it mean to be "influential" and why does it matter? I love Dragonball and I think it would make a very fascinating article if someone could point out how things like the character designs and fighting moves have been emulated and imitated across other series. – Eden 5 years ago