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Dragons - East vs. West

Dragons are known to be creatures of immense power and destruction and can be found in folklore across the globe. However, there is a difference in the way dragons are depicted as symbols of power between eastern and western culture. Eastern culture depicts power through embodying a dragon i.e. an aspiration to become like a dragon whereas western culture depicts power through slaying a dragon i.e. overcoming a foe who is as powerful as a dragon.

  • I think that you've already established some broad values that are commonly associated with Eastern culture vs Western culture that might be a bit too leading. I would love to see how these norms and attitudes have been challenged by more recent depictions of dragons (i.e. how dragons are of the East in Game of Thrones but were brought over to Western culture multiple times). – kickingupanacho 5 years ago
  • I like the angle you chose--embodying or becoming a dragon (East) vs. slaying it (West). It's different from the more typical discussions about European dragons being associated with fire and destruction while East Asian dragons are associated with nature/weather and benevolence or one has wings and the other is pretty much a flying serpent. It'd be imperative to look at cultural sources, especially with Eastern culture as dragons are almost always (and exclusively) associated with kings/emperors. – snowycarousel 5 years ago
  • Very interesting! I cant help but find the Western interpretation all the more inspiring. In spite of the vast difference in size and strength between a human and a dragon, the human still prevails, through courage and intelligence. The Western interpretation seems very applicable as a parallel to many of the problems that humanity faces, whereas the Eastern interpretation.. I can understand to a degree.. I've noticed many therianthropic themes in Eastern culture (humans turning into animals).. I wonder where this cultural focus stems from.. – Dstoll25 5 years ago