Fifty Shades of Grey

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The Chrysanthemums vs. Fifty Shades of Grey

Compare and contrast the short story by John Steinback, to the popular trilogy and motion picture. Both pieces use their plot and literary elements to depict sexual relationships with frustration and mild rage, but in entirely distinct ways. Explore each work and analyze the author’s purpose for both


    BDSM and Fifty Shades of Grey

    While the quality of its prose is generally considered substandard, E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey has topped bestseller lists around the world. The book is also the subject of controversy when it comes to its portrayal of relationships and BDSM, but that doesn’t seem to have impeded its popularity. What does the popularity of the book say about society and its views of BDSM? Does everyone secretly harbour a repressed desire for sexual domination? Is that the cause of its popularity?

    • It would also be helpful for anyone who writes this to see responses from the BDSM community regarding 50 Shades. – Emily Deibler 2 years ago