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Exploring our Obsession with Switching Lives

Films like Freaky Friday and She’s the Man glamorize the topic of body/life switching. Why do we as human beings hold such a strong fascination for trading our life experiences? Other films with the theme could be discussed, as well as the reasons the character in these films switch bodies or lives (willingly or not). Perhaps some human psychology to flesh out the thinking behind some ideas why we romanticize body/life switching.

  • Great topic! Empathy might be a good psychological concept to explore in an essay written on this topic. Empathy is all about being able to imagine yourself in someone else's situation, seeing things from their point of view, etc. "Human psychology" might be better termed "humanistic psychology." Empathy is a key concept in humanistic psychology. "Romanticize" (meaning something like "treat as idealized or heroic") doesn't work for me as a term here. – JamesBKelley 6 years ago
  • I think this is such a fascinating topic. Talk about how people becomes so internalised that it is refreshing to think that there are other people that are living similarly complex lives as we are – thomasin22 6 years ago
  • The 2010 film "The Switch" might also be worth discussing. I think this topic is all about a) developing empathy for another character and b) exploring what it would be like to not be us- the body swap is usually preceded by the character's frustration with their own lives- experience how the grass is greener on this side, and then come to the conclusion that we would rather be ourselves- a sort of attempt to reassure people that even if the grass seems greener on the other side, that side also has a whole host of problems you're unaware of and ultimately you'd be most comfortable in your own situation. – Shivani 6 years ago
  • The recent Netflix series "Counterpart" is fascinating. It is not so much about life-switching as it is about meeting, interacting and trading lives with an alternate version of oneself! – Jos 6 years ago
  • Sorry, "Counterpart" is on Cravetv, not Netflix! – Jos 6 years ago