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A study of gender diversity in animated media

I would like to propose an article that studies the evolution of gender diversity and representation in animated media with a particular comparison between Western and Eastern animated media and their subsequent progress. Cultural stereotypes and societal perceptions have always played a great role in influencing the type of media that is usually made available to the public. The same could be said in the case of the animation and anime though through the course of history, the two mediums have taken different approaches in representing gender diversity on screen. How this comes to reflect upon the relevant societies and communities involved as well as the greater evolution of the story-telling medium may offer unique insights into modern discussions on the same topic.

  • I think that is a really interesting topic honestly. I especially like that you mention the Eastern and Western depictions because often they will be quite different. I do think that some narrowing of focus will help a lot. Perhaps focusing on the male body versus female body could be interesting. Or exploring the view of the genders as a whole. Just choose a slightly more narrow focus, and allow that to guide the way in which things are being written for this piece. – RheaRG 4 years ago
  • This would be a really interesting topic to write about! I would have to agree with RheaRG in narrowing the topic. Perhaps you could start with focusing on Western animation, or even just gender diversity of animation in the United States. I'd look at the History of LGBTQ characters in animated series pages on Wikipedia, as that might provide some good resources you can use, along with the associated list pages which list the characters specifically. I'd recommend, especially when it comes to animation in the United States, reading through GLAAD's yearly reports, as those are often a gold mine for information. I'd also look at some of those who have most prominently written about this topic, usually on places like Polygon, Comic Book Resources (CBR), Autostraddle, or a litany of other sites. That's just my suggestion. Best of luck! – historyhermann 4 years ago
  • It's always depressing when you see the world and all its problems that the animated world just glosses over – CoastalUndertoe 4 years ago