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Howl's Moving Castles and the Curse of Aging

An analysis of the curse of aging in Howl’s Moving Castle, both the youth novel by Dianna Wynn Jones and the Miyazaki movie it inspired. How does the movie portray the difference between young and old? What are the dynamics between the younger and older characters? Does the movie present a positive or negative portrayal of aging overall? (As related to the concepts of beauty, social interaction, etc.). What does the movie say about aging in general, and how people should handle it? How do perceptions of the movie differ between younger and older viewers?

I’m interested in what the depiction of Sophie’s curse, premature aging, says about the aging process and the social concept of beauty.

  • There's a lot of scope here regarding the issue of ageing. Might I suggest having a look at Erikson's 9th stage of ageing, a psychological theory that incorporates complex ideas of loss and development. You may see inspiration in here that will add weight to your thesis. – Psiwrite 6 years ago