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Metaphors in Disney's "Inside Out"

Analyze and discuss the more adult themes and issues in the recent Disney movie "Inside Out." This includes subjects such as depression, anxiety, self esteem, personality identification, memories (long/short term and the concept of the subconscious), and differentiating emotions within the self, especially the imbalanced ratio of generally happy to general sad emotions.

  • I think you could also look at this psychoanalytically in terms of repression and the 'return of the repressed'. We see that Joy controls a couple of memories that are initially believed to be entirely happy, but then we see that there is more to these memories and that there is some other emotion connected to them. That hockey team memory is the one that really comes to mind. The sadness that Riley felt in losing the game/feeling responsible for the loss is not there at all, all we see is her team suppoesdly celebrating with her. But later on we find out the whole truth to the memory and that there is some repressed sadness there. – Jamie White 9 years ago