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Isekai and its Pervasiveness in Anime

From Digimon to That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, isekai is a genre of anime that holds a lot of staying power in the industry. The topic taker should research:

The beginning of the genre

What made it popular

Its impact on the anime industry

Is the animation of isekai not to the same standard of other anime, or just drawn in simpler styles? Does the numerous amounts of isekai better or worsen working conditions for anime artists?

What genres do isekai cross over with?

Why is isekai so popular?

Are there too many isekai?

Will isekai bring about new genres of anime?

By researching these aspects of isekai, the topic taker should be able to get a full picture of the how, what, and why of isekai. The topic taker is, as always, free to do more research on isekai, such as whether or not isekai helps its viewers by increasing positivity in their mood, help them relax from the stressors in life, and so on.

Research links to get the topic taker started:




(link) mainstream popularity of Isekai,fear of what’s after death.

  • I'd add some description to the links. – Sunni Rashad 3 weeks ago
  • The first link is to a Wikipedia page to help define what isekai is, in case the topic taker is not familiar with the term. The second link goes into popular types of sub-genres for isekai. The third link is to a Reddit post that asks why you could perhaps neglect to mention that the main character is from another world and it wouldn't change anything about the story that's important to the plot. The fourth link discusses why isekai is so popular in anime. – SiothrĂșn 3 weeks ago
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